problems when installing vCenter 4

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when you having problems while installing vCenter 4 and get an error at the moment he’s installing vCenter Server Directory Services Instance check the following:

vCenter Server installation fails if the root drive of the directory where it is installed does not have Read permission


If you are installing vCenter Server, you may experience the following symptoms if the Windows Network Service account does not have Read permission on the root drive of the directory where vCenter Server is being installed:

  • vCenter Server installation fails
  • vCenter Server installation fails when the installer attempts to install the VMware ADAM instance


This issue occurs because Read permission is required on the root drive of the directory where the vCenter server is being installed.

To add the Network Service account with Read permission:

1. Right-click the root drive and click Properties.

2. Click the Security tab.

3. Under Group and user names, click Add.

4. Enter Network Service and click OK.

5. Check Allow for the Read permission for the Network Service account in the Permissions for Administrators pane.

6. Click Apply and OK.

Note: If the Everyone account has the Read permission, then the Network Service account also has this permission.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, remove the system from the domain, install the vCenter Server, then re-join the system back to the domain.

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9th VMware User Group meeting on October 26, 2009 – Wemmel

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The VMware User Group  would like to invite you to attend the 9th VMware User Group meeting on October 26, 2009  –  Wemmel

Driving Directions and location info : The Bowling Stones : Wemmel – Steenweg op Brussel 397 – 1780 Wemmel (Brussel)


The agenda of this meeting: (subject to change)

  • 13u15: Welcome (Reinoud Reynders – UZLeuven)
  • 13u20: VMWorld Summary (Nicolas van Wijnsberghe – VMware)
  • 14u00 Installation and Configuration ESX Vsphere – best practices (Gabrie –
  • 14u45: Break offered by Symantec
  • 15u00 : Protection in a virtual environment (Paul Murgatroyd & Kim Apers – Symantec)
  • 15u30:  Upgrade your environment (Jan Tiri – VMWare)
  • 16u15:  Microsoft Licensing in a VDI environment (Patrick Viaene-Microsoft)
  • 17u00: Vmug Drink offered by Symantec

To attend this FREE meeting you need to be logged in first (if you are not a member yet, please do so. It’s free!)

Once logged in you’ll see a question above ‘I will attend’. Then you’ll thick yes or no.

The VMware User Group (VMUG) program is designed to encourage and support communities of VMware users who want to hold regular meetings in their local area. The purpose of these gatherings is to provide a forum in which VMware users can share best practices and expertise, and VMware can in turn obtain feedback from the user community.

VMware User Groups are made up of independent communities of VMware users who get together to exchange ideas and information. There are many benefits to participating in a VMware User Group:

– Learn best practices and optimal use of VMware products
– Get answers, advice, tips, and suggestions from experts
– Discover new ideas and gain insight about Virtual Infrastructure
– Receive special information about new VMware products
– Network with other technical professionals in your area
– Be part of the leading edge of VMware users


Are you interested in helping to organize these meetings in the future? Please send an email to: for more information.

We look forward to meet with you on the next VMUG meeting in Belgium.


Best Regards,


The team


vSphere – Project Experiences: VMFS not mounted automatically after upgrade

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After upgrade towards vSphere, the VMFS datastores (made in VI3.5 environ.) weren’t mounted automatically. Why? no idea


#esxcfg-volume -l (to find UUID)

#esxcfg-volume -M UUID (to map the volume persistent)

Problem solved and stayed solved after reboot.

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VMware vSphere launch

August 27th, 2009 No comments

Welcome to the We’re still testing everything here to let it run as smoothly as possible.

In the meantime… enjoy the VMware vSphere Launch movie.

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